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  PROVE Your Fitness August 3rd and 4th. A 4 person TEAM fitness event. (2 male/ 2 female) Open to the Public! Where: Albuquerque Academy When: August 3rd & 4th How much: $180 per team* (4 person teams) What you get: SFT athlete shirt,...

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1st Annual Summer Fitness Throwdown

1st Annual Summer Fitness Throwdown

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ESPN Radio 101.7 The TEAM and CrossFit Hunger proudly present the inaugural New Mexico Summer Fitness Throwdown, an exciting competition in which men and women from across the Southwest Region compete in a variety of different workouts and activities to prove who is the most fit athlete in the Southwest.

Althetes will compete in teams of four in three levels: Scaled, RX and Beast Mode. (2 men/2 women for RX and Beast Mode; any ratio for Scaled)

Click here for more information on which division is right for your team.


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Job Openings

Job Openings

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How cool would it be to be at the heart of the action AND get PAID for it?! Join our team of Judges and this will happen! We are looking for a team of 15 Judges to help judge the competition. You must be able to commit to both days (approx. 9am-5pm).

What you will receive: A commemorative Inaugural event Judge’s shirt, exclusive VIP Tent access, and being PAID for your time and commitment!

For more info please contact Judge@SummerFitnessThrowdown.com


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Summer Fitness Throwdown

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the SFT event?
    1. It’s a Team event and an opportunity for you and your friends to Prove Your Fitness among many others coming from All Over. Teams from all over the state, and even out state, will battle it out at the Albuquerque Academy to see who may call themselves the Fittest Team in the Region.
  • What should we expect of the workouts?
    1. Anything and everything… You may be required to swim, run, jump, pull, push, squat, lift, climb, row, throw, and yes… even bicep curl.
    2. There will be 2 workouts for each team on Saturday. Sunday will have the Final Workout for the RX and Scaled divisions in the morning and early afternoon, while the Beast Mode division will have a workout in the early morning and their Final Workout in the afternoon.
  • How do we choose which Division is best for us?
    1. Check the Choose Your Division guide on the SFT homepage (Link that states: Click here for more information on which division is right for your team) or on the SFT Facebook page under the Notes tab.
    2. This guide will give you a general idea based on particular movements and weightlifting maxes which Division you should consider for yourself as an individual. These are JUST SUGGESTED GUIDELINES. These movements may or may not be used in the events. The weights listed on the guide are maxes and WILL NOT be used as working weights in the Workouts.
    3. **Muscle-ups are typically a determining factor for many in the Beast Mode Division. Again, they MAY OR MAY NOT be used in the Workouts.
    4. **If your personal best lift in a particular lift is 5#, 10#, or even 20# shy of what’s suggested on the guide, please keep in mind that it’s only a “suggested guideline.” And again, those are NOT the working weights. If you RX 85-90% of your workouts then you’ll most likely be fine in the RX Division.
  • When do we find out the workouts?
    1. MOST of the workouts will be released on July 8th
  • How many guys/girls have to be on the team?
    1. Scaled Division may have ANY ratio of males to females. A Scaled Division team may consist of all males or all females if they wish.
    2. RX and Beast Mode Division teams MUST have 2 males and 2 females per team.
  •  What do I get for my $40/person?
    1. All athletes will get an Athlete Bag with an Athlete T-shirt and LOTS of extras from our sponsors.
    2. We’re also going to have a BUNCH of vendors at the event. Athletes will have access to sport performance vendors like: massage, chiropractic, nutrition and more!
  • What if we win?
    1. Winning teams will get significant prizes for each member individually as well as a Team Trophy to display at their gym!
  • Will the Scaled Division be fairly judged? If so, how?
    1. Of course! There will basically be an “Rx” for the Scaled Division and scaling down from that will have a reduction in “points per rep.”
    2. So for example: If the workout is 5 rounds of 10 Deadlifts at 95# and 10 Box Jumps on a 20″ box, then each rep might count for 10 points if done accordingly. But it’s the Scaled Division so say you want to do it at 85# and Step-ups. Each Deadlift might count as 8 points (instead of 10) and each Step-up might count as 6 points (instead of 10)…
    3. We’ll lay things out in detail shortly after releasing the workouts on the 8th of July.
  • How much for my family and friends to come watch?
    1. It’s FREE to spectators, so SPREAD THE WORD!!
  • Is this an ESPN event?
    1. YES! Our local ESPN radio station (101.7 The Team) has got the athletes of New Mexico covered! All of the support for our community in this event is thanks to them! Hit them up on Facebook or Twitter and THANK THEM!


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